Monday 15 August 2011

Working with a NAIT Co-op Student

As FACTSnet Business and Program Manager, I worked closely with a NAIT Co-op Student. His ability to prioritize tasks, and switch from a hands-on to a more theoretical approach made him quite valuable in a wide variety of tasks and initiatives.

Some of the Projects undertaken:
  • Teaching Seniors on e-mailing, word processing and spreadsheets, and other software tasks
  • Recycling old hardware systems, incl. disassembling, soldering, replacing componenets, and re-assembling and testing.
  • Working on several databases, and utilizing several data manipulation tools
  • Creating and presenting PowerPoint Presentations, using a myriad of tools to engage assorted audiences including teachers, high school and post-secondary students, and seniors.
This variety of roles and capacities enabled the student to grow in technical, business, and personal aspects. The result I am sure will be greater success upon graduation from NAIT, and increase both future job potential and capability.

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